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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Women's Rights 3

While the newlywed couple were inside, a stange man appeared out of nowhere and dropped this box off on their porch?
Then, this older woman came out of the woods? Mentioned she was from the Garden Club and was checking up on their yard?!!
Well, Jasper Jacks may be quiet but he know his manners! He went out and introduced himself right off. He tried not to stare at her strange clothes though because that would be downright impolite!
He was trying to be the friendly sort so when she suggested a game of catch, he went along with it... Hummmm of course by then Julia decided to come out and see what was going on?
Julia was a bit put out about not being introduced or invited to join the game...
UhhhhOhhhhhh it looks like she might be starting to whine already?
Finally, tired of waiting for her husband to introduce her, she marches over to the woman and introduces herself!!

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