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Hi to everyone and Welcome to my little sim corner of the web world! I have decided to make an attempt to keep all of my Sim interests and sim creations here. I know it's not much yet, but hopefully eventually it will have enough for you to enjoy your visit!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Women's Rights 3

While the newlywed couple were inside, a stange man appeared out of nowhere and dropped this box off on their porch?
Then, this older woman came out of the woods? Mentioned she was from the Garden Club and was checking up on their yard?!!
Well, Jasper Jacks may be quiet but he know his manners! He went out and introduced himself right off. He tried not to stare at her strange clothes though because that would be downright impolite!
He was trying to be the friendly sort so when she suggested a game of catch, he went along with it... Hummmm of course by then Julia decided to come out and see what was going on?
Julia was a bit put out about not being introduced or invited to join the game...
UhhhhOhhhhhh it looks like she might be starting to whine already?
Finally, tired of waiting for her husband to introduce her, she marches over to the woman and introduces herself!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sims2 challenge- Womens' Rights update

Well, money sure doesn't go very far... Jasper needed to build a house pretty quick  before winter sets in... because ummmm there are seasons here?!! He got what he thought was a nice snug little cabin started for them. It took most all of the dowry that Julia's family forked over for him to take her off their hands?  They now have $394 left of their life savings! Hope nothing too serious happens any time soon?
Here it is, Home Sweet Home!

Julia heads over to check it out...
It's not much, but maybe some day it will be?
Hmmm she doesn't look quite as upset as we thought she might be?

What's this??? We thought she might think about reading a cookbook or something else helpful... No, she takes some time out to jot down her feelings about her new husband!
Yep, here she is sitting in this bare and sparse little cabin pouring out all of her thoughts in her diary...Not really sure I want to know exactly what she's saying at this point?!!

Mean while, outside Jasper is outside looking up to the heaven maybe for help with this new wife?

Sims2 challenge- Womens' Rights

My friend Steph over at tss found this great sims2 challenge so we're going to give it a go! You can find all of the rules and guidelines here:

I have never done a sims2 legacy type challenge so this should prove quite interesting? I did think about adapting it to sims3 but that seemed like an awful lot of work! I think this will be much easier to play out in the isolated worlds of sims2!  I chose to incorporate some of the basic legacy rules into the challenge too.

I created an empty world using the Three Lakes template because I absolutely love that world!! I do love how much easier it is to build a little world in sims2 than with the sims3! Ok, I got the empty world, added some trees and such, will eventually work on prettying up the North Woods. I put down a 5x5 lot for my founding family to start their legacy on
My founding couple? Please meet Jasper and Julia Jacks!
Now, Jasper Jacks, he's a hard working fellow who takes life pretty seriously. He's not much for socializing so he's quite happy up here in the wilderness. He spent most of his life savings on this piece of Northwoods gold in the hopes of building a legacy to pass on to future generations! Only problem was... there was no one help him with that family plan? In fact, there was no one for miles and miles and miles? He started askin around to other lumberjacks, then finally wrote home inquiring about possibilities? And, that is how he ended up with Julia, his Mail Order Bride!! His family assured him that she came from good sturdy stock and would be the perfect wife... Hmmmmm that remains to be seen?

Julia has a few little secrets- she can't cook, doesn't care much for cleaning, and loves a full social calendar? She also enjoys a good dirty joke now and then... In fact, she might find this whole situation quite hilarious if it weren't her in the starring role? Ahhhhh all because of a silly misunderstanding and rumor about how someone thought they saw her out behind the barn with a hired hand... Psssshawwwww on that!! So what if she was out there, it was all innocent! Well, her family didn't think so and when their neighbors mentioned that their son, Jasper was lookin for a wife, they jumped on the chance to offer her up no questions asked?!! Now, that didn't seem quite fair to her... Neither did the fact that they actually paid Jasper to take her! They also informed her that she better make this work and try to come running on home either cause she wouldn't be welcome without a husband!  Great, now unless she wanted to try her hand at some less than desirable employment such as ummmm saloon girl or washer woman, she was pretty well stuck here.

They're off to a rather grim start. Jasper was less than impressed with Julia's attempt at humor
Will they survive the first few days together, let alone the first months?

Computer ramblings

Well, as many people may know, I have struggled with various computer issues for the past 6 or 7 months- probably since my major move where my previous monitor didn't quite survive the cross country trek? I've bounced from system to system, all being temporary fixes until in January when we were finally able to afford a new computer. Even that though was not without it's issues and hassles. We are an an extremely tight budget and just could not afford anything fancy or high tech. First, we purchased a new monitor- an acer 17" wide screen that was on sale at Walmart- it made a huge difference and did help our computer situation a little... There are three of us computer addicts in the house and we were literally down to one old patched together computer for a while, where the only thing we could do was browse the web... and barely do that at times!!

Ok, after the monitor, we started looking around for tower packages with the emphasis being on price. I was basically resigned to idea that I might not be able to play sims3... broke my heart, but I kept the thought that Hey, there's always my back up of sims2!! We finally found an E-machine, Yes Yes Yes I know what everyone thinks of E-machines!!! I did an intense amount of research though and it was the best buy economically and amazingly enough, technically?

We purchased an E-machine which included windows7, 4gb ram, 1.8 gh dual core processor, 580 gb of storage memory. While there were some features we had to compromise and give up, over all this computer was an excellent purchase!!  We paid $350 for it, got the keyboard and speakers as well in the package. And, best of all- It plays Sims3!!!!!! Granted not the fasted game play in the world but awesome for building or creating!  I reinstalled the sims2 to see how that would play, because with all the eps, stuff packs, and my cc addiction, it was running pretty dang slow on our other computers. No problem here! It is a little slow initially but then they all are with these games.

So over all, I have to say I give this machine at least a B! Be advised though, for $350 you are not going to get a lot of extra bells and whistles as far as software? The Microsoft office is only a trial version. I went ahead and downloaded the free version of Open Office which works just as well! You also don't get much for phot editing but there are so many free options out there that you should be able to find something to suit you needs?  The plus side is there is a huge amoung of free space on this computer so you can install other programs!!

Sims2 News!!!

    Steph over at tss found a very interesting challenge for sims2 and after reading hers, I decided to give it a go!!  Uggghhhhhhh I had some problems at first even getting my sims2 game to work on this new computer?! Silly me, I thought Of course if it plays sims3 easily, there should be no problem playing sims2?? Hmmmm Ummmm well, Yeah Can you say rather out dated game? I just had to make a few adjustments though for the windows 7 and for my wide screen.... Thank you to Jorgha for helping me with that!!!!! If anyone else is having that issue, go to your game's properties and choose compatibility with xp service pack3!!

Also in some related news, The Sims2 store will officially close as of March 31st!!!! If you have every purchased items from there and think you might want them some day, please go get them and save them to a file?! Because once the store closes you will no longer be able to access any of it!! Ahhhhhh sadly, I guess this might mean that they're gearing up to close out the support and back up of Sims2... There are so many people out there that still play... especially when they get frustrated with the glitches and problems of sims3!!!

I will try to keep everyone posted on any news or interesting information on sims2 here now that I have reinstalled the game and all my lovely simmie cc on this computer!! I love how the sims2 is so stable and their custom content rarely affects the game!! Hahahahaaaa I also love how this computer has so much room that I can easily have all the sims2 cc that I want!! Yaaaaaay Yaaaaaay Yaaaaaay for that!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

JunkStop Jive Joint is a success!!

Just a quick note here for now, will update more tomorrow... I am exhausted right now!! Anyway, my work in progress, the SpeakEasy JunkStop Jive Joint has passed most of it's tests and should be available for download tomorrow!! It was fun playtesting it! Previews of the lot!!

Yay!!! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!
The newest hotspot in town has just been franchised and you can get it in your neighborhood now!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My little Sim corner!: Welcome to my world!

My little Sim corner!: Welcome to my world!: "Hi to Everyone! Well, I've done it... I've joined the ranks of bloggers!! I have no idea where there will lead or what will end up here but ..."